Integrated Management Systems Policy

Nejati Industrial Group (ANATA), having well over 80 years of experience in development & production of more than 350 variety types of Chocolates, Toffees, Hard Candies, Nougats, Biscuits, Cakes, Snacks, Wafers & Chewing Gums, have captured the major parts of production & sales market shares in the country and have been able to export products to well over 60 countries internationally in addition to winning the high percentage of national market share.
For implementing & continually improving the Company’s quality management systems, emphasizing on maximum production & distribution of safe & healthy food and increasing the customers’ satisfaction, this industrial entity has managed to take steps in the road for establishing Quality Management Systems ISO 9001:2015, Food Safety Management ISO 22000:2005, and Customer’s Complaints Management ISO 10002:2014.
To achieve the mentioned objectives; top management and all personnel are committed to:
• Consumer’s safety assurance by diagnosing & eliminating food safety hazards and continual improvement of all health factors.
• Complying with all requirements of food safety laws & governmental rules as well as the made agreements with the customers.
• Respecting & following the customers’ satisfaction & rights who are main organizational assets.
• Efficient and effective utilization of all tangible and intangible organizational capabilities for improvement of the quality and quantity of products
• Continual improvement of organizational processes and concurrent design of organizational charts
• Concentrating on human capital to enhance their knowledge and skills
With no doubts this can only be accomplished by honest and care taking attitude of the management & all personnel in the organization. Therefore the management of this complex by committing themselves to the context of this policy expect from all company individuals & coworkers that they would do their utmost to achieve the set objectives by following the defined rules.

Nejati Industrial Group (ANATA)

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