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About the Company
Nejati lndustrial Group (ANATA) Company, has been accounted as for one of the largest producer companies in confectionery and chocolate products in IRAN and the Middle East region. This 78 years old enterprise has been one of the top pioneers in developing and presenting new variety of products in its productive life. lt has managed to play a significant role in the development of the confectionery industry and creation of a competitive environment in the country by having 3000 employees. Producing well over 350 types of high quality chocolates, toffees, candies, biscuits, wafers, cakes, gums, snacks, crackers and cookies in more than 1000 various types of packaging by using modern technologies and in compliance with international standards, has been the factor which has contributed to export its products to more than 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America in addition to gaining high percentage of domestic market share. ANATA by winning the first place prize title of national exemplary exporter for 9 incessant years, national and provincial exemplary standard institution for more than 14 years, also numerous other titles including top industrial entity, top entrepreneur in the country and best producer unit, all illustrating the high rank and valuable position of this company in confectionery and chocolate industry.
Competitive Advantages
Using the best and most technologically advanced equipments for production, distribution, storage and quality control, along with the special attention to simultaneous development in organizational soft capabilities and utilizing the managerial best practices and recruitment of skilled and expert workforce, are the strategies which have always been taken into the consideration of this industrial group for being a vanguard in the field. For this purpose, ANATA has always collaborated with worlds first class suppliers for procuring its machinery and equipments, manufacturing processes and also raw materials as well.
New Product Development and Sustainable Quality
Being aware of the strategic importance of developing new products, the company has its Market Research unit, R&D unit, New Product Development Canter (NPD) and Pilot Plant unit to be able to satisfy customers and consumer's requirements as much as possible. Utilization of advanced and well equipped laboratories of quality control and skilled and well educated manpower and applying most strict control procedures, guarantee the safety and high quality goods production; therefore our quality team have effective role in the whole process of preparation, production, storage, transportation, distribution and sales. Furthermore, the company has carried out a huge investment in production of some important raw materials and packaging items, especially strategic items such as fleur, to be able to have sustainability in quality of input materials and also output products as well.
ANATA Distribution Channel
The Domestic Distribution Channel of Nejati lndustrial Group has spread all over the country with 27 distribution branches and more than 450 standard equipped trucks. lt is one of the biggest and well organized food distribution channels in Iran which operates with a 6/12 system and is supported by the latest communication and integrated information technologies including online tracing and online ordering systems. ln addition, international sales offices in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates are actively providing services for customers in these regions.
ANATA Organization and Systems
Taking advantage of business process reengineering and benchmarking the world's best practices in the field, ANATA has made efforts ta keep its organizational structure & procedures compatible with dynamic competitive environment and capable to meet the changing requirements of market and industry. As a result, the company has chosen agility, precision and quality as its strategic priorities. To achieve these objectives, there has been a wide use of Information Technologies and Integrated Management Systems, and a comprehensive system has integrated ail main and supporting processes such as material management and warehousing (MM & WM), production planning and execution and control (PP & PEC), line feeding, quality management (QM), plant maintenance (PM), sales and distribution (SD), human resource management (HRM), costumer relations management (CRM), new product development (NPD), product and process engineering, finance and product casting (FI & CO). ln addition to the above system, more than fifty organizational & administrative processes have been developed and implemented by workflow management systems so that it can be claimed Nejati lndustrial Group is one of the pioneers in the implementation of e-organization in Iran.
Integrated Management Systems
This large economical enterprise for the purpose of implementing & continual improving of the company's quality management systems, emphasizing production & distribution of safe & healthy food and increasing the customer's satisfaction, has managed to implement Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008, Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 and Customer Complaints Management System ISO 1002:2004 so that ANATA's Customer Complaints Management System is one of the most well implemented systems in Iran according to the universities and research centers reports.


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